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Who We Are

Work done well, with a personal touch. That’s our commitment! Bob Katelhut is a former USMC Scout/Sniper, Remote Sensor operator and Law Enforcement Special Operations Manager and Architect. He delivers candidates with, sector expertise in Defense Electronics, Electronic Warfare and Spectrum Warfare on every platform from Subsea to Space and every, “vehicle” on the Electromagnetic Spectrum highway. Current events have dictated a pivot towards high end Security operators as well as being an operator himself. Licensed in the great state of Texas.

Our job starts with you: understanding what you need, so we can present options that make sense for you. Get on the Radar by engaging with us for your critical, urgent and hard to fill positions, or call us when all other systems have failed. We will conduct a forensic analysis of why your systems have failed and create an executable solution that delivers results and solves your problems. We only require exclusivity as a prerequisite to work with you. The rest is negotiable.

Work With Us

Not sure where your target candidate is located, or what it costs to search for, and deliver the candidate? We’re always happy to talk about how we can can work together. Let’s identify your targets, where they might be located, and why they might want to come to your company to continue their career with your firm.

Let’s start a conversation. It will be a down to earth informational gathering mission and assessment of your needs. If the candidates you seek are unattainable, you will learn that information and why? Most likely they are not.

Get in Touch

Bob Katelhut-Executive Recruiter
Dallas, Texas (Nationwide)
Due to security reasons and to avoid spam I am no longer publishing phone numbers please reach out below or on Linkedin at https://www.linkedin.com/in/xfuzrecruiter/

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